The Challenge

Thank you to all who joined us for our inaugural Walk Challenge May 4th, 2019 in New Albany, OH and virtually. What a magical day.  Check back for 2021 details.

The Backstory

You might be wondering why we would attempt to walk 50 miles in one day. Here in 2019, we want to connect to something that President Teddy Roosevelt started 111 years ago. In 1908, President Roosevelt was concerned his military was too soft and issued an executive order that all Marines should be able to cover 50 miles in three days. During those three days, the walking should be uninterrupted, and he felt they should close with sprints. Well, the records show that some of the soldiers were able to do this in one day.

Fifty-five years passed and someone in President John F. Kennedy’s administration got wind of Teddy’s ask. This came during a time in 1963 when America was concerned that 50 percent of the military was physically unfit to serve. Data from 2017 shows 59 percent of current 17-24 year-olds are physically unfit to serve, 71 percent are unfit overall.  JFK issued a new challenge to his military to be physically fit to walk 50 miles in one day. Many civilians, including Bobby Kennedy, also took the President up on this challenge. It became a national craze involving many wonderful stories.

The Challenge

Well, here we are nearly 55 years later. A bunch of crazy kids and a doctor who feels his town isn’t weird enough. On May 4, 2019, we have a bunch of free spirits, many devoid of significant athletic talent but gushing with passion and persistence, who are going to see what they can do.  What started as a few friends getting together to attempt something silly, has evolved into…

The Walk Challenge:
Walk any distance from 5 to 50 miles.
Virtual walking opportunities available.
100% OF ALL PROCEEDS will be directed to start new WWAD Chapters.

Not a single one of us know if we can finish this challenge.  That’s okay. With our good friends, old and new, in an overwhelmingly supportive environment, we want to see what we can do. This is a rare opportunity for us to connect deep into our past and pay forward to the future. If Bobby Kennedy can step out one cold, slushy February morning and walk 50 miles in his loafers, we can certainly see what we can do.

How it Works

We invite you to challenge yourself to do something that you never thought was possible.  The challenge is personal, the challenge is yours. The time is now!  Register to join us on May 4, 2019 to walk up to 50 miles on a 5 mile loop course.  Participants will pay a $25 registration fee and are encouraged to donate or fundraise by selecting one of our Challenge levels below.

Basic Challenge: $25 registration

This covers your basic walk challenge registration and event shirt.

Although voluntary, please consider an additional “Supportive Donation” of $10 for each 5 mile loop you plan to complete. 

Dual Challenge: $250 registration + donation

This covers registration, event shirt, commemorative patch, water bottle and rucksack.

Your donation empowers walker stories like these.

Ultimate Challenge: $592 registration + sponsorship

This covers registration, event shirt, commemorative patch, water bottle and rucksack.

More importantly, your donation covers 100% of the cost to launch a new Walk Chapter earning you launching recognition.  For example:

Walk with a Doc Columbus
Made Possible by the Romey Family

Fundraising Challenge:

Select any of the above Challenge levels and start a Facebook fundraiser to raise vital funds to support Walk with a Doc. When your fundraiser ends, participants that raise $250 will be notified by WWAD and receive all the Dual Challenge benefits and gear. Click here for instructions Click here to see an example fundraiser.

Register (click here) to join us in New Albany, Ohio or virtually on May 4, 2019. Thank you for helping us inspire more communities through movement and conversation.

Our Story

Walk with a Doc inspires communities through movement and conversation.  With an aim to make hope and health accessible to all, Walk with a Doc offers a simple, sustainable solution to address social determinants of health. Healthcare providers ditch their white coats in favor of a ball cap and sneakers. There’s laughter, education and communication on a level that is altering the healthcare landscape. 

Our Opportunity

We started in 2005 with one walk, in one community.  We’ve grown to nearly 500 walk locations in 48 states and 25 countries. We have the potential to be in 1,000 locations worldwide in the next two years, but we need your generous support to reach this goal. 

Event Details

All walk events begin at 6:00 AM or 9:00 AM @ the corner of Ogden Woods & Alpath Rd. Participants will take the 5 mile loop (outlined below) as many times as necessary to complete their personal challenge.

The course will remain open until 10:00 PM.

Directions to Parking in New Albany:
Take OH 161 E to New Albany Rd.  Turn right onto New Albany Rd.  At the traffice circle, take the 2nd exit onto Fodor Rd. Continue onto Market St. Turn left at Keswick Commons.
Parking available at New Albany, Market Square

Directions to Start Line:
Head southwest toward Keswick Commons.  Continue onto Keswick Commons.  Turn left onto Ogden Woods Blvd.  Slight right to stay on Ogden Woods Blvd.  Turn right onto Alpath Rd.



Training Resources

Courtesy of Lilly Johnson Guerra:
5 mile training plan (click here)
10 mile training plan (click here)
25 mile training plan (click here)
50 mile training plan (click here)

Stay Hydrated with SKRATCH (click here)
Stay Fueled with Honey Stinger (click here)

Other Resources:
verywellfit: training for long distance walks (click here)
verwellfit: training for marathons and ultras (click here)
NJ2NY50: click here


All participants (including virtual) receive an inaugural Walk Challenge shirt and commemorative finishers patch.

Dual, Ultimate and Fundraising Challenge levels (including virtual) will also receive commemorative gear including a water bottle and rucksack.

Packet Pick-Up available Thursday, May 2 from 12:00-4:00 pm @ Walk with a Doc Headquarter: 495 Cooper Road, Suite 209 Westerville, OH 43081 or Friday, May 3 from 3:00-7:00 p.m. @ FRESHII: 160 W. Main Street, New Albany, OH 43081.


Planning Committee

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